Castle of Ravel

Castle of Ravel


Grounds and views

The grounds were designed by the school of Le Nôtre.

196 feet large, the formal garden is composed of lawns delimited by four paths. They join at a circular pool, where four enormous cone-shaped yews, over 300 years old, shield four stone benches.

It had been said that at the beginning of the 20th century, the benches were in front of the trees, they now seem to have been practically swallowed by the yews.

Opposite the pool there is a semi circular stone staircase that leads up to untamed foliage which used to be a landscaped garden in vogue at the end of the 18th century

On the left: The drawing, dated of the 18th century, is a project of the actual grounds of the castle. We can still see the two half moons and the central pond.

On the right: This 18th century drawing is a project of the main entrance of the castle at that time, and nowadays the pathway with cluster of trees. The path measures 845 feet with the stables on each side.

Walking around the castle

Jean Pierre JULIEN